Who We Are

The Atlantic MedTech Cluster is a collaborative business organisation comprising of a number of specialist Med-Tech industry companies, all working together to position and promote the Northwest of Ireland as a global centre of excellence that is internationally recognised for its expertise and competence in design and manufacture of medical devices.

Based in the North West of Ireland, the Cluster’s mission is to develop and promote the concept of collaboration in order to make the manufacturing, medical technology, and medical devices solutions, more streamlined and efficient.

The Cluster was formally established in 2017 with the support of Enterprise Ireland, which recognises the ever-increasing importance of collaboration and innovation, as a means of achieving maximum cost and time efficiencies.

How does the cluster work?

The Atlantic Medtech Clusters goal is to offer a platform for clients to easily access multiple Med Tech service providers. The AMTC platform offers great advantages to companies striving to bring new technology solutions to market:

  • The AMTC can provide Med-Tech sector companies with the option of cluster member collaboration on projects, from beginning to end, thus simplifying, coordinating, and streamlining project management, project resources, and project delivery.
  • The AMTC can provide your business with fast access to a range of specialist, leading-edge service providers, whatever your technical requirement happens to be: this saves you time and money and gives you the peace of mind of knowing your project is in safe hands.
  • The AMTC provides a unique opportunity for Med-Tech companies to undertake a full range of project activities through one central platform; this results in shorter timelines, greater cost efficiencies, and a quicker return on your investment.

Our Cluster Members

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  • iNBLEX Packaging Providers
  • Pharma Stainless
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  • Ward Automation. Collaborate, Innovate, Automate.

  • A renowned multinational located in the North West of Ireland, began work on a new drug delivery project. This project represented a completely new challenge for the business, and the project engineers charged with delivering the project had to learn and adapt very quickly, in order to ensure that the project would be delivered to market within the required time frame. To help them achieve their project deadline, the team looked to a number of local providers servicing the global…

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