Arrotek Invests €80k in Two New Injection Moulding Machines to Increase Production

Arrotek Invests €80k in Two New Injection Moulding Machines to Increase Production

Leading MedTech product development and manufacturing specialist Arrotek has invested €80k in two new injection moulding machines for its Sligo facility. These machines will increase output to help the company meet a growing demand for product development and production services.

The two new machines will also help Arrotek meet anticipated demand in the future.

Arrotek is a specialist engineering company that offers highly-skilled product development solutions to the MedTech sector. Those solutions include concept development and viability analysis, product prototyping, manufacturing, and more.

Arrotek is also a member of the Atlantic MedTech Cluster.

The two injection moulding machines it has invested in are the Boy 30D and the Boy 25E.

      • Boy 30D – the Boy 30D is a fully hydraulic reciprocating screw injection moulding machine with a two-platen clamping unit. It’s designed to produce precision parts that have a close tolerance so is ideal for micro-moulding and medical device applications.
      • Boy 25E – the Boy 25E is based on the Boy 22, a moulding machine first launched in 1968. The main difference is the fact the Boy 25E has a clamping force of 250 kN. Differential injection is also possible with the Boy 25E, plus it offers faster injection speeds. It also provides excellent reliability in addition to high-precision injection moulding.


    “We’ve always invested in our equipment and facilities at Arrotek to improve the service we offer to customers,” said Mark Pugh, Director at Arrotek. “This latest investment enhances our ability to deliver on the requirements for our customers today and gives us an increased capacity for the future.”