25 Reasons Engineers and MedTech Professionals Should Move to Ireland’s North West

If you’re considering a change of job, you should look to the North West of Ireland for your next career opportunity. This particularly applies if you are an engineer or you work in the MedTech industry.

The North West is a great place to live, build your career, raise a family, and achieve the right work-life balance.

Move to the North West

Do you want to know more? Here are 25 reasons you should consider moving to the North West.

1. You will find a wide range of career opportunities available whether you want a change of pace, the next move in your career, a new challenge, a management position, or your first opportunity.

Check out the career pages of some Atlantic Cluster Members to find out more about positions currently available:

2. The North West of Ireland is one of the country’s main hubs for the MedTech sector

3. The MedTech sector in the region is strong and it is growing, with new opportunities created all the time

4. The region’s employers include multinational companies as well as local Irish companies

5. Multiple opportunities exist in the region, so you don’t have to risk “putting all your eggs in one basket” by moving here

6. Employers actively recruiting in the North West of Ireland include medical device manufacturers as well as companies who support the MedTech industry

7. The salary and benefits packages offered by North West employers are excellent

8. Some of the fastest growing companies in Ireland are based in the North West

9. The North West’s connections with MedTech date back to the 1970s, so the industry is well-established

10. Companies in the MedTech sector continue to invest in the North West of Ireland, creating new opportunities as well as job security for the future

11. There are excellent colleges in the region, including Sligo IT and NUI Galway, if you want to increase your skills

12. Many of the medical devices developed and manufactured in the North West are exported around the world

13. Many local Irish companies working in Ireland’s MedTech sector also work globally

14. If you don’t already work in the MedTech sector, moving to it means you’ll be working on technologies that save people’s lives, improve patient outcomes, and enhance quality of life

15. The cost of living is lower in the North West of Ireland compared to other regions of the country that are MedTech sector hubs

16. You will encounter very little traffic compared to locations like Dublin, so your commute to work is likely to be much shorter

17. House prices are much lower in the North West of Ireland compared to other parts of the country

18. There are excellent beaches in the region which are suitable for a range of activities, particularly surfing

19. The leisure activities you can enjoy in the North West are too many to list but include everything from fishing to boating to golf to hiking and more

20. There are excellent sports clubs to join and sports facilities to use

21. The main towns in the region, including Sligo, Galway, and Donegal Town, are vibrant with excellent shopping and nightlife

22. The North West is home to some of the best dining locations in the country, whether it is a local cafe for lunch or a fantastic restaurant for dinner

23. One of the biggest benefits that those in the North West talk about is the ability to get the right work-life balance in the North West of Ireland

24. Transport links are good with excellent roads, particularly those linking to Dublin, as well the easily accessible Shannon Airport

25. Health and education services are very good in the region with a great selection of primary and post-primary schools

For more information on job opportunities that exist in the North West of Ireland, check back here as we regularly post vacancies from Atlantic MedTech Cluster members.