• Benefits of Laser Welding for Mould Repair

    8 July, 2019

    Repairing a mould is less costly than replacing it, but there are issues you need to consider. Will the repaired mould produce parts to the same level of quality as when it was new, for example, and how long will the repair last? These questions and considerations are important to…

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  • Enhancing Overall Equipment Effectiveness and Improving Productivity with Predictive Maintenance and Digital Twins

    20 June, 2019

    Smart Factory technologies present a lot of opportunities for MedTech manufacturers. This includes everything from flexible manufacturing and mass customisation to deepening automation in the supply chain and taking advantage of the vast benefits offered by digital transformation. All this is before you even think about the real-world applications of…

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  • Inside View: Verus Metrology on Two Years of the Atlantic MedTech Cluster

    30 May, 2019

    With the support of Enterprise Ireland, the Atlantic MedTech Cluster was originally formed in 2017 as an innovative business alliance made up of eight Sligo-based MedTech service companies: Verus Metrology Partners SL Controls Pharmaceutical Stainless Supplies Tool and Gauge Arrotek iNBLEX ATS Ward Automation Each one a respected and long-standing…

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  • EU GMP Annex 1 is Coming – What to Expect

    29 May, 2019

    While EU GMP Annex 1 was expected to be published this spring, it is still scheduled to come out at some stage this year. It’s important to know what to expect so you can take appropriate action. EU GMP Annex 1 is the European Union’s Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines for…

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  • The Six Essential Steps for Designing a New Medical Device Product

    27 May, 2019

    Turning your idea for a new medical device product into a working prototype that meets regulations and can be used for trials and other market evaluations is a detailed process. It requires collaboration, creativity, and innovation as well as an expert team with extensive medical device design experience. There are…

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  • Benefits of Using a Local Plastic Components and Packaging Manufacturer

    2 May, 2019

    When deciding on a manufacturer of plastic components or packaging for your medical device product, you can choose local or you can import from another country. For many in the MedTech industry, the automatic assumption is to import. This isn’t usually the best approach, however. This is because using a…

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  • 11 Furniture Design Tips for Cleanroom Gowning Areas

    8 April, 2019

    The design of the gowning area of your cleanroom is essential to ensuring the cleanroom itself doesn’t become contaminated. Your SOP (standard operating procedure) for gowning up should largely determine the layout of the gowning furnishings but you must also make the gowning room practical and ensure it has an…

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  • VIDEO: Meet The Team and Find Out More About iNBLEX Plastics

    5 April, 2019

      iNBLEX Plastics is the manufacturer of choice for extrusion blow moulded and injection moulded packaging products in the region. As a highly respected company well known for its ability to develop innovative and creative solutions for complex packaging problems, iNBLEX Plastics delivers solutions for companies in the MedTech sector…

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  • 25 Reasons Engineers and MedTech Professionals Should Move to Ireland’s North West

    28 March, 2019

    If you’re considering a change of job, you should look to the North West of Ireland for your next career opportunity. This particularly applies if you are an engineer or you work in the MedTech industry. The North West is a great place to live, build your career, raise a…

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  • Factory Automation – Taking the Next Steps

    26 March, 2019

      Factory automation is a big topic in the manufacturing sector right now. There are many drivers that are increasing this move towards automated processes and systems in manufacturing businesses, but it's not always easy to see the next steps you should take. Keith Moran is the Managing Director of…

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