The Atlantic MedTech Cluster – Championing the MedTech Industry in the North West of Ireland

The medical device industry is an important part of the Irish economy. A key region for that industry is Sligo and the North West, a location that is home to the companies that make up the Atlantic MedTech Cluster.

At the Atlantic MedTech Cluster, our goal is to promote this region to medical device manufacturers, companies who provide products and support services to the MedTech industry, and engineers and other MedTech professionals.

Benefits to Engineers and Other MedTech Industry Professionals

For individuals, the North West of Ireland offers fantastic career opportunities with exciting and fast-growing companies. In addition, the medical device industry is strong, and it is growing.

By way of example, two of the eight companies in the Atlantic MedTech Cluster have moved into new facilities in Sligo this summer – Arrotek and Ward Automation. Between them, they have invested millions to enhance their capacity and meet customer demand. Investment examples like this are replicated over and over again in the North West.

Plus, the quality of life here is excellent with healthy salaries, a great work-life balance, and plenty of opportunities to achieve your career goals.

Benefits to Companies

Companies, whether they are medical device manufacturers looking for the location of their next production facility or other companies in the medical device sector, will find an energy and passion for success in the North West of Ireland.

Abbot has been here since the 1970s, so the MedTech industry has a long history in this region. Plus, there are other sectors that are growing fast in the North West too, including the ICT sector.

There are excellent educational institutions here as well. These educational institutions have strong links with industry and contribute significantly to ensuring there are the right skills in the region to meet growing demand.

Individuals are also increasingly choosing the North West, opting for a better work-life balance while still being able to advance their careers. This means there is a healthy and growing pool of talent in Ireland’s North West.

Who Is the Atlantic MedTech Cluster?

There are no greater champions of the MedTech industry in the North West of Ireland than the companies in the Atlantic MedTech Cluster. Each is a success story, and each is a passionate advocate of Sligo and the North West.

Companies in the Atlantic MedTech Cluster

All the companies in the Cluster were also founded in the North West, and each still has their head office in Sligo where they do business across Ireland, Europe, the US, and around the world.

The companies in the Cluster include:

  • iNBLEX – manufacturer of plastic components and packaging products that specialises in serving the MedTech industry
  • Pharmaceutical Stainless Steel – medical and food-grade stainless steel manufacturer and fabricator offering a customised service to medical device companies
  • Tool & Gauge – leading manufacturer of tools and moulds for a range of manufacturing industries, including the MedTech industry
  • Verus Metrology – expert provider of metrology services to the medical device industry and manufacturer of bespoke metrology fixtures
  • ATS – designer and manufacturer of machines for production facilities in the medical device industry specialising in automation, robotics and other Industry 4.0-related technologies
  • Arrotek – experienced designer, developer, and manufacturer of medical device products from early concept stage to market launch
  • SL Controls – equipment systems integration, validation, factory automation, and engineering services provider to manufacturers in the medical device industry
  • Ward Automation – specialist designers and manufacturers of automation solutions and assembly machines for medical device production facilities

The Atlantic MedTech Cluster is proud to be located in the North West of Ireland and to promote this region across the country and around the world.