Inside View: Verus Metrology on Two Years of the Atlantic MedTech Cluster

With the support of Enterprise Ireland, the Atlantic MedTech Cluster was originally formed in 2017 as an innovative business alliance made up of eight Sligo-based MedTech service companies:

Each one a respected and long-standing successful company, their vision of the Cluster was to promote the West of Ireland as a worldwide centre of excellence in the MedTech industry. Already a region that is a leader in the MedTech field, the main aim was to be globally recognised for its capabilities in providing a range of services to current and potential MedTech clients.

The Vision

When first established, the Cluster’s intention was to strengthen AMTC member resources which would allow them to tend to the global MedTech sector’s existing and future needs.

This intention was boosted by the expansion of targeted research and technology development programmes, designed to be implemented across each Cluster member company. The joint venture would also optimise costs and efficiencies among each of the Cluster companies and their respective clients

Fast-forward to today, the Cluster is thriving and continues to work towards its renewed purpose: a platform where clients can easily identify multiple MedTech companies capable of meeting their individual requirements.

This is highlighted in AMTC’s mission statement:

“To create a vibrant, collaborative environment by promoting innovation, entrepreneurship & teamwork to achieve more successful outcomes than could be achieved by individual companies working alone”

Innovation and Collaboration

Recognising the importance of innovation and collaboration in an ever-changing industry, Verus Metrology is as committed as ever to creating a superior MedTech service, together with their seven co-Cluster members.

Experiencing first-hand how difficult it is for smaller individual MedTech companies in Ireland to get the attention of larger multinational firms, we at Verus Metrology know that combining our highly skilled resources with other MedTech companies greatly improves the West of Ireland’s image as a leading regional location for MedTech suppliers.

The combination of the eight Cluster members helps to meet the high demands of targeted MedTech companies seeking a wide range of services, all from the one platform. It also opens a pathway to developing beneficial working relationships with clients, something that Verus Metrology is extremely passionate about when working on any project.

Goals and Objectives

By collaboratively working together, the Cluster is now focusing on reducing the skills deficit in engineering, design, advanced manufacturing, and management by emphasising ways to create a working environment that will help to attract and retain top talent.

By facilitating more on cross-learning, Cluster members look to use shared knowledge and experience within the Cluster to win new contracts and enhance their market position in both the domestic and export markets.

A continued increase in direct foreign investment into the region by multinational corporations is forecasted through the improved growth and expansion within the West of Ireland’s MedTech industry.

Having the ability to engage in areas like product development, metrology, automation, precision engineering, and manufacturing and software integration, all under the one Cluster umbrella, provides the MedTech industry with the choice of utilising Cluster member collaboration on all its projects.

This helps simplify the client’s experience and results in quicker timelines, greater cost efficiencies, and a larger return on investment.

The Future

Now employing over 300 people and with a combined turnover in the tens of millions, the eight Cluster members have established an international presence under the AMTC.

We continue to strive towards greater success with our ability to provide fast access to a range of specialist MedTech providers.