Arrotek specialises in medical device product design, taking ideas and concepts and developing them into products that have regulatory approval.


Kaon Automation designs and manufacturers machines and equipment for medical device production facilities using the latest technologies.


Inblex is a plastics manufacturer with extensive expertise in manufacturing plastic containers and components for clients in the MedTech industry.

Pharmaceutical Stainless Supplies

Pharmaceutical Stainless Supplies designs and manufacturers medical grade and food grade stainless steel components, handling solutions, and more.

SL Controls

SL Controls provides equipment system integration, validation, smart factory, serialisation, and professional placement services to the MedTech industry.

Tool & Gauge

Tool & Gauge designs, manufactures, and repairs mould and tools for companies in a range of high-end sectors, including medical device manufacturers

Verus Metrology

Verus Metrology is an experienced provider of metrology services to medical device manufacturers. It also designs and manufactures metrology fixtures.

Ward Automation

Ward Automation specialises in the design and manufacturer of innovative automation and assembly machine solutions for manufacturers in the MedTech sector.

Case Studies

A renowned multinational located in the North West of Ireland, began work on a new drug delivery project. This project represented a completely new challenge for the business, and the project engineers charged with delivering the project had to learn and adapt very quickly, in order to ensure that the project would be delivered to market within the required time frame. To help them achieve their project deadline, the team looked to a number of local providers servicing the global medical device industry – in the hope that they would find some of the specialist solutions providers they required.

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Mission and vision


To position the cluster as a centre of excellence that is internationally recognised for its expertise and competence in providing a range of services to the MedTech industry.


To create a vibrant, collaborative environment by promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, and teamwork to achieve more successful outcomes than could be achieved by individual companies working alone.