Verus Metrology Partners

Founded in 2008, Verus Metrology Partners (formerly Verus Precision) is a leading Sligo-born engineering business, specialising in Sub-Contract Metrology, Metrology Fixtures, and Moldflow Analysis.

Working with both indigenous as well as leading multinational companies, Verus’ core objective is to add value to product development – in each of these three critical areas – by creating advanced yet incredibly functional solutions for new products and processes alike.

Founded on the principle of continuous improvement, the company has stayed strong to its ethos and core principles: this is evidenced by the fact that it has experienced double-digit growth since first starting out almost 10 years ago.

Now with a global client base and a strong reputation for excellence, Verus Metrology Partners operates two advanced metrology labs (one in Sligo, Ireland, the other in Nottingham, UK) and helps its many clients to accelerate new product introduction to maximise revenue.


Key services:

Sub-Contract Metrology

  • Dimensional inspection
  • Calibration & certification
  • Equipment

Metrology Fixtures

  • Metrology Fixture Design
  • Metrology Fixture Manufacture
  • Metrology Fixture Qualification

Moldflow Analysis

  • Fill, pack & warp
  • Cooling
  • Core deflection/twin shot moulding

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