Tool & Gauge Invests in New Clamping System to Reduce Machine Setup Times

Tool & Gauge Invests in New Clamping System to Reduce Machine Setup Times


In order to manufacture or maintain moulds and tools, the mould or tool must be attached to a machine using clamps. This part of the process can be time-consuming, depending on the type of clamps used. Tool & Gauge, a mould manufacturer, has invested in a new clamping system to speed up this part of the machining process.

Tool & Gauge is an Atlantic MedTech Cluster member. It has added the Multi Quicks clamping system from Lenzkes to the toolroom Department at its facility in County Sligo.

Gerry Rafter, Joint Managing Director at Tool & Gauge, said: “Continuous improvement is one of our core priorities at Tool & Gauge. This means investing regularly in the latest and best machines and equipment.”

“The Multi Quick clamping system from Lenzkes enables us to clamp moulds and tools to machines quickly and safely. Our technicians can also achieve a high clamping force from low tightening torque.”

The Multi Quicks clamping system is designed and manufactured in Germany.

Gerry said: “These new clamps greatly reduce the time and effort required to set up the machines when making a new tool. In fact, we are seeing setup time reductions of around 60 percent in some cases.

“We can then pass these efficiency savings onto our customers, improving the overall level of service we offer even further.”

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