10 Reasons Engineers Should Move into the MedTech Industry in 2019

Are you an engineer looking to progress your career in 2019? Maybe you want to achieve a better work-life balance or learn new skills? Are you a student or recent graduate exploring your options? If you answered yes to any of these questions, MedTech is a sector you should consider.

Here are 10 reasons engineers should move into the MedTech industry in 2019.

1. Range of Job Opportunities

MedTech manufacturers and companies that support the industry employ in the region of 38,000 people in Ireland. Many of those people are engineers, and the sector needs more.

2. Range of Different Companies to Work For

In a previous post, we outlined the main facts about the MedTech industry in Ireland. It shows there are 450 companies in the MedTech sector that have operations here. Around 60 percent of them are indigenous Irish companies and nine make the top 10 list of the biggest MedTech companies in the world.

3. You Can Work in Ireland

Ireland is one of the main global hubs for the MedTech industry, so you don’t need to go abroad to find the right opportunity.

In addition, Ireland’s MedTech industry is spread around the country. Companies in the Atlantic MedTech Cluster are based in the North West, primarily in Sligo. Other regional hubs for MedTech in the country are in Galway, Limerick, Cork, and Dublin.

4. Sector Experiencing Significant Growth

The MedTech sector has experienced considerable growth over the last few decades and that growth is set to continue. This provides long-term job security as well as employment/career progression options.

5. Help to Improve and Save People’s Lives

The nature of the work you do in the MedTech industry is important to consider as well. After all, the industry is involved in developing and manufacturing medical devices that are used to treat and improve the lives of people all over the world.

6. Work is Interesting and Challenging

Many companies in the MedTech industry operate at the cutting edge. From the technologies you use to the way innovation is central to the sector, the work is always interesting and challenging.

7. Work at the Leading Edge of Technology and Innovation

This can be everything from using innovative techniques and materials to create new medical device products or using technology to improve manufacturing and ensure regulatory compliance. Industry 4.0, robotics, 3D design, mixed reality, machine learning, big data – these are just some of the technologies that are commonplace in the MedTech industry.

8. Excellent Work-Life Balance

Many companies in Ireland’s MedTech industry are leaders in promoting work-life balance and ensuring employees are properly recognised and rewarded. Plus, you don’t have to work in Dublin to maximise your potential. Instead, you can enjoy the quality of life that a major town like Sligo offers while working for a company with a global reach and a great culture.

9. Work with Highly Skilled and Passionate People

The MedTech industry attracts people with excellent skillsets, plus companies in the sector have comprehensive programmes that develop those skills even further. People working in the sector are also passionate about what they do, whether that is the technologies they work with, the innovations they are responsible for, or the importance of the work they do for health outcomes.

10. Excellent Upskilling and Career Progression Opportunities

Following on from the previous point, you will be able to progress your career in the MedTech industry according to your objectives and abilities.

Start exploring career opportunities in the MedTech sector today.



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