• VIDEO: Meet the Team and Find out more about Verus Metrology Partners

    21 November, 2018

    Verus Metrology Partners is an Atlantic MedTech Cluster member. It specialises in providing bespoke metrology fixture design and sub-contract metrology to the MedTech sector. Watch our latest video to find out more. Find out more: Metrology   : Fixtures       : Moldflow    :    …

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  • Company Profile SL Controls

    16 November, 2018

    High-speed MedTech manufacturing facilities have a wide range of machines, equipment, software platforms, and systems. In most cases, however, these elements exist in silos, with little or no integration. SL Controls provides essential integration and validation solutions to improve productivity on production lines and increase efficiencies in the entire manufacturing…

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  • Benefits for Engineers of Moving to the North West of Ireland

    6 November, 2018

    The North West of Ireland is the best part of the country for engineers to achieve their full potential and get the right work-life balance. That’s a confident statement, but the below benefits of the North West back it up and demonstrate why you should consider this region as your…

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  • Company Profile Ward Automation

    31 October, 2018

    Back in 1995, Ireland's MedTech and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries were still in the establishment phase. There were some multinationals in the country, but the services supporting these industries that exist today was very small back then. This meant automated production lines were typically brought in from other countries such as…

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  • The Key to Successfully Implementing Robotic Automation Solutions

    22 October, 2018

    Increasing the level of automation in your production facilities is the future. This is the only way to stay competitive and prepare your business for the challenges and opportunities of today as well as those that lie ahead. Implementing automation solutions will also deliver immediate productivity and efficiency gains. The…

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  • Company Profile iNBLEX

    18 October, 2018

    Blow moulding is a specialist manufacturing technique that is essential to the success of the MedTech industry in Ireland. It is used primarily to make plastic bottles and containers but can also be used to make many different hollow plastic objects. However, many of the bottles and containers used by…

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  • Working in the MedTech Sector in the North West of Ireland

    16 October, 2018

    The MedTech sector is one of Ireland’s biggest success stories. Also, it continues to get stronger as countries seek to capitalise on the experience and talent that exists in the country. This bodes well if you already work in the sector, plus it presents opportunities if you don’t, providing you…

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  • Profile of Tool and Gauge

    3 October, 2018

    The quality and viability of a product often completely relies on the mould or tool used to make it. Precision and accuracy are essential, while the tool or mould must stand the test of time to ensure the product is scalable and profitable. The importance of tool and mould design…

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  • Sustainable Packaging in the MedTech and Pharmaceutical Industries – Challenges and Opportunities

    28 September, 2018

    By Brendan Duggan, Managing Director, INBLEX Plastics Ltd Countries, communities, organisations, businesses, families, and individuals are increasingly focused on reducing the impact they have on the environment. There are multiple aspects to this drive but one of the main talking points at the moment is packaging. In particular, the use…

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  • Profile of Arrotek

    25 September, 2018

    Some of the best innovations in the medical device sector come from small companies, many of which have unique ideas and world-leading expertise. How do you turn an idea, however, into a physical product that can be profitably manufactured in large quantities while also meeting all regulatory requirements? This is…

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