• VIDEO: Meet the Team and Find Out More About Ward Automation

    5 February, 2019

    Ward Automation manufactures world-class filling machines, test equipment, assembly equipment, and special purpose equipment for the pharmaceutical and MedTech industries. Watch our new video to find out more:   Find out more about Ward Automation by visiting their website:     To stay up-to-date with insights and news from…

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  • Efficiency Savings with Multi-Component Fixtures

    31 January, 2019

    Inspecting components in a manufacturing environment is a process that takes time. Where processes take time, it’s possible to make efficiency savings. Importantly, however, you can’t just calculate the time it takes recording the actual measurements. Everything is important, from getting components from the production line to the metrology inspection…

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  • 5 MedTech Industry Trends That Will Be Important in 2019

    11 January, 2019

    The healthcare sector is going through a significant period of innovation at the moment, with medical device technologies being one of the most important drivers. What are the key trends impacting the MedTech industry at the moment, however? Here are five to look out for in 2019. 1. Continued Drive…

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  • Moving Your Engineering Career Forward – Upskilling for the MedTech Industry

    28 December, 2018

    The MedTech industry in Ireland needs more people to work in it to ensure it continues growing. Attracting new people to the industry is also essential for Ireland to remain a global leader in medical device innovation and manufacturing. The MedTech industry doesn’t need just anyone, however. Instead, it needs…

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  • 10 Reasons Engineers Should Move into the MedTech Industry in 2019

    21 December, 2018

    Are you an engineer looking to progress your career in 2019? Maybe you want to achieve a better work-life balance or learn new skills? Are you a student or recent graduate exploring your options? If you answered yes to any of these questions, MedTech is a sector you should consider.…

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  • Profile of SL Controls

    20 December, 2018

    Atlantic MedTech Cluster member SL Controls provides customised software solutions for the manufacturing industry, particularly in the medical device and pharmaceutical sectors. It services include development, integration, and validation of software to improve OEE and improve production line productivity and efficiency. Watch our new video to find out more:…

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  • 19 Facts About the MedTech Industry in Ireland

    17 December, 2018

    Ireland is a key part of the global MedTech industry in research and development as well as in manufacturing. Products designed and manufactured here are used by medical professionals, patients, and consumers all over the world. To get a better understanding of the size, importance, and nature of the MedTech…

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  • VIDEO: Find out more about Pharmaceutical Stainless Supplies

    7 December, 2018

    Atlantic MedTech Cluster member Pharmaceutical Stainless Supplies provides bespoke stainless steel products and design solutions to the medical device, pharmaceutical, and biopharma industries. Watch our latest video to find out more: Find out more: Pharmaceutical Stainless Supplies website -   To stay up-to-date with insights and news from…

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  • 5 Key Challenges of Transitioning to the New EU Medical Device and IVD Regulations

    6 December, 2018

    The countdown is on to the full introduction of the EU’s new regulations governing medical devices and diagnostics. The revamped Medical Device Regulation (MDR) replaces regulations that have been in place for decades. The new rules come into force in May 2020. The In Vitro Diagnostics Regulation (IVDR) is new…

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  • Profile of Pharmaceutical Stainless Supplies

    30 November, 2018

    In the MedTech, pharmaceutical, and biopharma industries, stainless-steel is an essential material in a range of situations. In airlocks and cleanrooms, for example, high-specification stainless-steel facilitates effective cleaning. To achieve this standard of quality and specification, you need a high-end stainless-steel manufacturer. For companies across Ireland and in other parts…

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